Automated &
Integrated for Agencies

Streamline and automate your operations with Advantage agency accounting

Agency Management Supported by Agency Accounting

Because Advantage Accounting is built into one seamless platform covering project management as well as media planning and buying, you can easily automate, expedite and accomplish tasks in less time with more reliable results.

Automated Journal Entries

Advantage Agency Accounting lets you and your team handle single- or multi-office processing effortlessly with automatic journal entries for things like work in progress (WIP), media liability, revenue recognition and intercompany transactions.

The production WIP is completely automatic and managed for you by the system.

Automatically Track Progress

If you’re tracking time against projects, the system will automatically track percent complete.

With Advantage, you can easily and accurately bill or recognize income based on this real-time project completion status. No need to hunt for information or ask project managers to guess or endure the pain of manually assembling progress estimates.

GL Structure Built Specifically for Agencies

Our Agency Accounting software enables you to handle multi-office and/or multi-profit-center structures.

You can create your own media and production types and track and report down to the individual function level so you can see how profitable you are on everything you do from start to finish.

Easy Service-Fee Billing

Advantage handles all aspects of service-fee billing and reconciliation automatically.

Simply set it up in advance and the system can automatically bill for the full length of the contract.

Streamlined Tasks & Communications

Advantage applications are designed to streamline and centralize related tasks and facilitate seamless communication.

Multiple search options, powerful reporting, user-defined controls, document integration and customized workflows ensure you’ll get things right every time.

Easily Work with Your Data

Whether you decide to use the many pre-built reports and dashboards, build your own with the built-in report writer or export the data to another system, with Advantage, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips. You’ll never have to do tedious and often error-prone manual processes again.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

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