Payables & Receivables


Processing Payables & Receivables

Advantage ad agency accounting software includes robust yet easy-to-use applications and a variety of reports that allow you to process payables and receivables in record time.

Tracked & Auditable in Real-Time

Advantage provides real-time processing of all records and generates a full audit trail of all transactions. Save time and easily prepare for your audit with this valuable information.

Download the Case Study “Full-Service Agency No Longer in Fear of Audits” to learn more.


Easily Import & Match Payables

Import Accounts Payable and Income Only records. With Advantage, you can digitize, automate and streamline your payables process like never before.

Maximize efficiency with Purchase Order and Insertion Order matching. Reconcile media orders to match actual costs collected and keep your total liability in check. Learn more about Advantage Media Accounting.

Streamlined Approvals, Controls & Communications

Automate invoice approvals with the ability to store an electronic copy of the actual invoice with every record. Alerts and controls help you manage costs that exceed purchase orders and approved estimates.

Easily alert vendors via an automatic email with payment information when checks and payments are processed.

Positive Pay Processing & Payment Manager

Easily protect yourself by sending positive pay information to your bank electronically right from the system. It’s a dangerous world out there but with Advantage, you’re covered.

Streamline and enhance your cash flow by using our powerful payment manager to send electronic payments to vendors and even earn cash back when using one of our integrated payment partners.

Centralized Access to Everything

The payable record gives you access to everything you need to see, including payments, disbursements and related GL entries.

Vendor Queries provide yet another way for you to view accounts payable details and status from a single location.

Cash receipts are posted against client invoices or on account as needed. Modifications are done without removing or reversing the original check. Track both client receipts and other cash receipts in a single application.

Client Invoice Queries allow you to view payment history and open invoices from a single view and even drill down into all related project details and G/L entries.

Built-In Document Manager

Easily track, upload and organize all of your important documents, including vendor invoices, client invoices, media orders, client and vendor contracts, 1099’s and virtually anything else. The system will automatically store a copy of any invoices or orders you generate.

You’ll never have to hunt through multiple systems again for an important document with powerful built-in search capabilities. All Advantage Software users have access to the robust document manager, but with the powerful security controls built into the system, you can ensure everyone only sees what they need to see.

Streamlined Payments

Select exactly what to pay. We offer check writing with unique features that help you select exactly what to pay based on sequential liability and other criteria you determine. Alert vendors via an automatic email with payment information when checks are processed.

Protect yourself by sending positive pay information to your bank electronically. Use the Payment Manager to automate electronic payments and even earn cash back when using integrated services such as CSI Virtual MasterCard.

Bank Reconciliation is completely automated and even integrated with transactions from your bank using the cleared check import.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

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