Media Accounting


Powerhouse Media Accounting

With Advantage Media, you get the most powerful agency accounting system in the industry built right into the system. Having everything seamlessly connected on one platform ensures that you’ll have a highly automated workflow and full audit trail from the moment you plan through billing and reconciliation. With Advantage Media, you’ll never miss another important detail.

Everything You Need in One Place

Each user can configure their workspace in the way that makes sense for them. Add and remove columns, sort, filter and search for whatever you need. With Advantage, you have the power to manage your media orders all from one place.

You can inspect related billing details and journal entries, view and approve related vendor invoices, see payments made to the vendor cleared status and download a copy of the invoice.

The system even automatically tracks your accrued media liability so you’ll always know where you stand!

The QuickBooks® Online Integration provides the ability to seamlessly communicate information between Advantage and QuickBooks Online. With this option, users may utilize the power of Advantage Media with the simplicity and familiarity of QuickBooks.

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Invoice Import, Matching & Reconciliation

With Advantage agency software, you can import and match invoices for all media types. Broadcast Media invoices that are imported using the 4A’s standard format can be matched and approved based on both financial match and detail match using settings you control. Match on details like the rate, time, schedule, ad number and more.

Create accounts payable invoices automatically on final approved orders where you won’t receive an invoice.

Reconcile media orders to match actual costs collected and keep your total liability in check.

Streamlined Billing Approval

You can approve orders for billing online—no more reports to pass around.

Approved orders can be isolated and selected for billing, saving you time and making sure nothing is missed.

Streamline Your Cashflow with Digital Payments

Create a faster, smoother and more efficient payment experience by issuing and managing digital payments – all without leaving the Advantage system.

Eliminate paper, free up time to spend on other important issues and maybe even generate additional cashflow by utilizing one of our integrated digital payment partners. Check out a full list of all our partners here.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

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