Billing in Advantage

Don’t leave money on the table because of forgotten expenses and human error. The Advantage Billing Command Center displays all production and media billables in one powerful and easy-to-use interface built specifically for the unique needs of agencies, media-buying firms and creative teams of all sizes.

Paperless Billing Approval

Streamline your billing communication and approval process with the online Billing Approval feature.

Account and project managers can play a larger role in the billing process by communicating with billers online as the first step in the billing process. You can also send electronic billing batches to AEs or PMs. From there, they can easily make notes, request changes and even add comments to appear on invoices using this convenient tool.

Automated Billing Rules

Automate your billing with Advantage’s Billing Rate Hierarchy tool. Rates and other billing rules are completely customizable, right down to when they take effect. Want to bill your non-profit clients at different rates than your commercial clients? Maybe one client pays a different rate than another, one employee bills out at a higher rate than others or perhaps some work you do for certain clients counts as time against fee, while other types should be billed.

Build and Automate for any situation using this powerful feature; the possibilities are virtually endless. Save time and make sure you’re always billing the right way for every client by using Advantage.

Bill Like an Agency

No two agencies are alike and agencies are completely unlike other businesses. That’s why you need a system built specifically for the unique billing needs of an agency. Advantage offers our customers power and flexibility over all your production and media billing.

Do it all in one place with the powerful Billing Command Center.

Advance bill with multiple income recognition and reconciliation options.

Pre- or Post-bill media and the system will automatically manage accruals and reconciliations for you.

Streamline and improve your entire billing process with the power of Advantage.

Customized Invoicing

Easily create customized invoice formats and options based on any number of criteria, including Clients, Divisions, Products, Offices and more. Want to include backup documentation? No problem; with a single click, you can package it all up and include it in a ZIP file with your emailed invoice.

Manage coop billing and split invoices across multiple clients automatically.

Set custom invoice formats by any number of criteria and have them automatically generate when doing your billing. With Advantage, you’ll be sure every invoice is exactly the way you want it for the unique needs of any situation.

AE’s Can Easily See Actual Invoices

With the powerful controls in Advantage, invoices can be made available to individual account personnel for the clients they need to see. There’s even a collection dashboard where they can enter notes and communicate back to Accounting.

Easy Tax Management

Whether it’s using the built-in capabilities of Advantage to manage taxes yourself or leveraging our powerful integration with Avalara’s AvaTax program, managing sales tax is a breeze with Advantage​.

Maximize Efficiencies, Decrease Risks & Increase Profits

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